HookPlexer Pro Plan

The paid HookPlexer professional plan is currently in private beta. If you are interested in becoming a beta member provide your contact information below.

HookPlexer Pro contains features great for individual developers, agencies, companies, and enterprises.

Custom Subdomains with Authentication

Create as many branded subdomains (yourcompany.hookplexer.com) for testing with authentication so only your team can see your requests. HookPlexer supports common OAuth providers, Single Sign On (SSO), or email and password credentials if you prefer.

No Limits, Longer Retention

Free HookPlexer subdomains have limits on the number of requests they are able to handle per minute and per week. The Pro plan removes these limits. Free subdomains have a 7 day retention policy on all requests, on the Pro plan that retention policy is increased to 30 days. (If you're interested in a longer retention policy contact us at )

Proxy Requests To As Many Development Servers As You Like

HookPlexer Pro allows you to forward on any inbound requests to development, testing, or staging servers. If you have a development team working with Stripe and sharing a test account or connect platform you can forward WebHooks along to any configured server. Stop having developers create their own development accounts for your payment gateway, email provider, or any other service.

Create Custom Responses For Every Test Case

Creating your own WebHook implementation? Want to see how a service behaves when it gets a 404, 500, or other response? HookPlexer Pro allows you to setup filters that will return whatever response you like.

  • Based on path with wildcard support: https://yourdomain.hookplexer.com/404/*
  • Based on the request content if (request.content.contains('status:successful')) then ...
  • Based on request method if(request.method == "PATCH") then...

Retrieve Requests Via API

Use the HookPlexer API to retreive requests in your functional tests. Perfect for CI/CD testing where you are publishing WebHooks or expected webhooks as a result of your test.

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