HookPlexer FAQ

How many requests can I make?

HookPlexer limits free subdomains to 60 requests per minute and 600 requests per week. Our Pro plan removes these restrictions.

How long are requests stored for?

HookPlexer retains requests on free subdomains for 7 days. Our Pro plan retains requests for 30 days (longer durations available on request).

Can I pick my subdomain?

Custom subdomains are a feature of our Pro plan.

Does HookPlexer have Desktop Notifications?

Yes, you can receive desktop notifications while the HookPlexer Application is open in your browser.

Is HookPlexer safe for data covered by PCI, HIPPA, GDPR, etc?

No! HookPlexer is for use with test data only. DO Not use HookPlexer in a production environment, with personally identifiable information, or other sensitive data. HookPlexer is not responsible for keeping your data protected.

Does HookPlexer offer an API?

Yes, an API is available as part of our Pro plan.

Does HookPlexer support Cross Origin Requests?

Yes, HookPlexer allows your in browser clients to make requests to your subdomain Cross Origin.